SEM = Search Engine Management

SEO = Search Engine Optimization


We offer offer SEM services via the Bronze, Silver and Gold web marketing plans. We offer SEO services ONLY for our Gold members currently enrolled in our Gold Marketing Plan.

For Beginners or the Meek, we offer an SEM Training option. Under this plan, your ad spending is limited to $199/month and we manage your AdWords campaign for only $50/month. The services are purchased together for a limited, but effective, one-campaign marketing plan at a total cost of only $249/month.

SEM Training

This marketing program is an entry level testing phase of SEM marketing for the cautious minded. It offers one set price to include monthly marketing, development and maintenance costs. There are NO additional costs.


Bronze Marketing Plan

Let's take off the training wheels and establish your own independent SEM campaign! With the Bronze Plan your pay-per-click ad costs are no longer restrained to a budget. Instead, you can have multiple campaigns and you pay your ad budget with your third party provider (Google, Bing, Yahoo).


Silver Marketing Plan

The Silver Plan is the same as the Bronze except more. In fact it's twice more! Display twice the product with the CatalogPlus+ maintenance plan and 10 SEM campaigns. When purchased as a package, you'll get 60 Days of FREE referrals from our network wide email campaign.


Gold Marketing Plan

If you've reached this level, you already know what success looks like and there's nothing better than success than MORE success!